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Burgol Shoe Polish


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Burgol shoe polish has been masterfully handcrafted in Switzerland for over 90 years. To this day, this sophisticated shoe polish made of palm wax exemplifies outstanding quality, and boasts all the benefits of a premium manufactured product, to boot.

Quality Burgol shoe polish is made using a special family recipe that contains various premium ingredients, such as resin-free Portuguese balsam turpentine and a range of natural waxes. One particularly important ingredient in the mix is hard palm wax, taken from the carnuba palm. This allows Burgol shoe polish to lend your shoes a perfectly waterproofed finish and a unique, long-lasting shine.

You can get classic Burgol shoe polish in different shades: white, colorless, beige, light brown, medium brown, brown, dark brown, red, burgundy, blue, green, and black. Each of these comes in a 100 ml jar. Naturally, all of these shades can be mixed together to create an extraordinary antique finish.

Restore your shoes to their usual gleam using unique Burgol shoe polish enriched with palm wax!