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Burgol Shoe Cream

Burgol Shoe Cream

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Burgol, a traditional Swiss company, has always relied on the finest craftsmanship to create its shoe cream. This mixed emulsion cream is perfect for providing intensive care for smooth leather shoes. Burgol shoe cream contains the finest natural color pigments and oils that restore fats to the leather, thereby protecting the leather structure from drying out and maintaining its natural, satiny gleam.

Burgol shoe cream – impressive, uncomplicated shoe care

Burgol, a Swiss family-operated company, has been making premium shoe care products since 1921. Although Burgol has refined its recipes over the years, it has never stopped relying on natural, raw ingredients such as carnuba wax, beeswax, and essential oils. These natural waxes, fats, and oils penetrate deep into leather to replenish depleted nutrients. Burgol shoe cream also revives leather’s color. Natural color pigments in the mixed emulsion help restore even faded footwear to its original shine. Paired with Burgol palm wax shoe polish, this product provides lovers of premium men’s shoes with everything they need for optimal care.

Burgol shoe cream is available in different shades, each of which comes in a 100 ml jar: opaque white, colorless, beige, cognac, light brown, nut, medium brown, chestnut, dark brown, red, burgundy, blue, green, gray, and black. These natural mixed emulsions can also be combined with one another to create a custom color.